TOC: J Retailing Con Services


Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 46

Special section on "Retailing and Consumer Services in Emerging Markets"

Introduction to the special issue – Retailing and Consumer Services in Emerging Markets
Aron O’Cass, Jamie Carlson

How do materialists choose prominent brands in emerging markets?
Vida Siahtiri, Wai Jin (Thomas) Lee

The determinants of foreign product preference amongst elite consumers in an emerging market
Padmali Rodrigo, Hina Khan, Yuksel Ekinci

Feel the VIBE: Examining value-in-the-brand-page-experience and its impact on satisfaction and customer engagement behaviours in mobile social media
Jamie Carlson, Mohammad M. Rahman, Alexander Taylor, Ranjit Voola

Brand prominence and social status in luxury consumption: A comparison of emerging and mature markets
Giovanni Pino, Cesare Amatulli, Alessandro M. Peluso, Rajan Nataraajan, Gianluigi Guido

Status consumption in newly emerging countries: The influence of personality traits and the mediating role of motivation to consume conspicuously
Nazia Nabi, Aron O’Cass, Vida Siahtiri

Research articles

How uncivil customers corrode the relationship between frontline employees and retailers
Benoît Gaucher, Jean-Charles Chebat

Is less more or a bore? Package design simplicity and brand perception: an application to Champagne
Manon Favier, Franck Celhay, Gaëlle Pantin-Sohier

Determinants of customers’ intentions to use hedonic networks: The case of Instagram
Bahri-Ammari Nedra, Walid Hadhri, Mariem Mezrani

Consumer motivation and luxury consumption: Testing moderating effects
Wei Shao, Debra Grace, Mitchell Ross

Evaluation of collaborative consumption of food delivery services through web mining techniques
Juan C. Correa, Wilmer Garzón, Phillip Brooker, Gopal Sakarkar, Steven A. Carranza, Leidy Yunado, Alejandro Rincón

Online consumer learning as a tool for improving product appropriation
Nadia Steils, Dominique Crié, Alain Decrop

Social media marketing: Comparative effect of advertisement sources
Mahmud Akhter Shareef, Bhasker Mukerji, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Nripendra P. Rana, Rubina Islam

The influence of product and personal attributes on organic food marketing
Catherine Prentice, Jue Chen, Xuequn Wang

A penny saved is a penny earned? Differences in male and female savings and consumption tradeoffs on online retail platforms
Meng Li, Pankaj C. Patel, Marcus T. Wolfe

Away from home: How young Chinese consumers travel with global brands?
Benedetta Cappellini, Sameer Hosany, Dorothy A. Yen, Qionglei Yu

The impact of different price promotions on customer retention
Jungkeun Kim

Estimating the value of passing trade from pedestrian density
Charles Graham, Kamran Khan, Muhammad Ilyas

An integrated model for predicting consumer’s intention to write online reviews
Saumya Dixit, Anant Jyoti Badgaiyan, Arpita Khare

Exploring the incidence and antecedents of buying an FMCG brand and UPC for the first time
Svetlana Bogomolova, Zachary Anesbury, Larry Lockshin, Natasha Kapulski, Tim Bogomolov