TOC: J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 27(7)

Guest editorial
Nicolas Papadopoulos, Mark Cleveland, and Boris Bartikowski

Of countries, places and product/brand place associations: an inventory of dispositions and issues relating to place image and its effects
Nicolas Papadopoulos, Mark Cleveland, Boris Bartikowski, and Attila Yaprak

Place–brand stereotypes: does stereotype-consistent messaging matter?
Brittney C. Bauer, Clark D. Johnson, and Nitish Singh

Do global brands contribute to the economy of their country of origin? A dynamic spatial approach
Wioleta Kucharska, Karol Flisikowski, and Ilenia Confente

Places in names: an investigation of regional geographic brand congruency
David R. Sloan, Damon Aiken, and Alan C. Mikkelson

Place brand communities: from terminal to instrumental values
Emeline Martin and Sonia Capelli

Stakeholder value-based place brand building
Mechthild Donner and Fatiha Fort

Relative importance of country of service delivery, country of person and country of brand in hybrid service evaluation: a conjoint analysis approach
Daniel Tumpal Hamonangan Aruan, Roberta Crouch, and Pascale Quester

A comparative analysis of dimensions of COO and animosity on industrial buyers’ attitudes and intentions
Hakim Meshreki, Christine Ennew, and Maha Moustafa Mourad

How cities can attract highly skilled workers as residents: the impact of city brand benefits
Michael Schade, Rico Piehler, Andreas Müller, and Christoph Burmann

Acquirer’s corporate reputation in cross-border acquisitions: the moderating effect of country image
Michela Matarazzo, Giulia Lanzilli, and Riccardo Resciniti

Country of ownership change in the premium segment: consequences for brand image
Ulf Johansson, Christian Koch, Nora Varga, and Fengge Zhao

Re-imagining the country-of-origin effect: a promulgation approach
Mikael Andéhn and Jean-Noel Patrick L’espoir Decosta