TOC: J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 27(6)

Cleopatra Veloutsou and Francisco Guzman

I’ll have the usual: how restaurant brand image, loyalty, and satisfaction keep customers coming back
Jennifer A. Espinosa, David J. Ortinau, Nina Krey, and Lisa Monahan

Guest-based hotel equity: scale development and validation
Mohammed Ismail El-Adly and Amjad Abu ELSamen

The impact of altruistic attribution and brand equity in food label campaigns
Stéphane Legendre and François Coderre

The relationship between price and quality in durable product categories with private label brands
Peter J. Boyle, Hyoshin Kim, and E. Scott Lathrop

Increasing consumers’ intention to use location-based advertising
Michael Schade, Rico Piehler, Claudius Warwitz, and Christoph Burmann

Vertical versus horizontal line extensions: a comparison of dilution effects
Michelle Childs, Byoungho Jin, and William L. Tullar

The four-factor model of product design: scale development and validation
Naeem Gul Gilal, Jing Zhang, and Faheem Gul Gilal

The impact of diverse corporate social responsibility practices on consumer product evaluations
Xiaoye Chen and Rong Huang

Brand prominence in cause-related marketing: luxury versus non-luxury
Ilaria Baghi and Veronica Gabrielli