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Journal of Management, 45(1)

“How to Do Things With Words”: Mechanisms Bridging Language and Action in Management Research
Christi Lockwood, Simona Giorgi, and Mary Ann Glynn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and Outcomes of Objective Versus Subjective Career Success: Competing Perspectives and Future Directions
Daniel Spurk, Andreas Hirschi, and Nicky Dries [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Entrepreneurship Research: Past Achievements and Future Promises
Tina Saebi, Nicolai J. Foss, and Stefan Linder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creativity and Innovation Under Constraints: A Cross-Disciplinary Integrative Review
Oguz A. Acar, Murat Tarakci, and Daan van Knippenberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information Asymmetry in Management Research: Past Accomplishments and Future Opportunities
Donald D. Bergh, David J. Ketchen, Jr., Ilaria Orlandi, Pursey P. M. A. R. Heugens, and Brian K. Boyd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Are We Explaining? A Review and Agenda on Initiating, Engaging, Performing, and Contextualizing Entrepreneurship
Dean A. Shepherd, Karl Wennberg, Roy Suddaby, and Johan Wiklund [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multidimensionality: A Cross-Disciplinary Review and Integration
Xing Liu, Jieun Park, Christina Hymer, and Sherry M. B. Thatcher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Dark Side of Interorganizational Relationships: An Integrative Review and Research Agenda
Nuno Oliveira and Fabrice Lumineau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Employment After Retirement: A Review and Framework for Future Research
Sherry E. Sullivan and Akram Al Ariss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effective Search in Rugged Performance Landscapes: A Review and Outlook
Oliver Baumann, Jens Schmidt, and Nils Stieglitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Use of Online Panel Data in Management Research: A Review and Recommendations
Christopher O. L. H. Porter, Ryan Outlaw, Jake P. Gale, and Thomas S. Cho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]