TOC: J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 147(12)

Catecholaminergic modulation of the avoidance of cognitive control.
Froböse, Monja I.; Swart, Jennifer C.; Cook, Jennifer L.; Geurts, Dirk E. M.; den Ouden, Hanneke E. M.; Cools, Roshan

Disassociating the relation between parents’ math anxiety and children’s math achievement: Long-term effects of a math app intervention.
Schaeffer, Marjorie W.; Rozek, Christopher S.; Berkowitz, Talia; Levine, Susan C.; Beilock, Sian L.

The consistency of visual attention to losses and loss sensitivity across valuation and choice.
Ashby, Nathaniel J. S.; Yechiam, Eldad; Ben-Eliezer, Daniel

Attention and choice across domains.
Smith, Stephanie M.; Krajbich, Ian

Desensitizing the attention system to distraction while idling: A new latent learning phenomenon in the visual attention domain.
Turatto, Massimo; Bonetti, Francesca; Pascucci, David; Chelazzi, Leonardo

What you see depends on what you hear: Temporal averaging and crossmodal integration.
Chen, Lihan; Zhou, Xiaolin; Müller, Hermann J.; Shi, Zhuanghua

Prior exposure increases perceived accuracy of fake news.
Pennycook, Gordon; Cannon, Tyrone D.; Rand, David G.

Discovering social groups via latent structure learning.
Lau, Tatiana; Pouncy, Hillard T.; Gershman, Samuel J.; Cikara, Mina

The evil of banality: When choosing between the mundane feels like choosing between the worst.
Shenhav, Amitai; Dean Wolf, Carolyn K.; Karmarkar, Uma R.

Living near the edge: How extreme outcomes and their neighbors drive risky choice.
Ludvig, Elliot A.; Madan, Christopher R.; McMillan, Neil; Xu, Yaqian; Spetch, Marcia L.

Moving beyond summary scores: Decomposing free recall performance to understand episodic memory deficits in schizotypy.
Sahakyan, Lili; Kwapil, Thomas R.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger: Psychological trauma and its relationship to enhanced memory control.
Hulbert, Justin C.; Anderson, Michael C.

Contagious yawning, empathy, and their relation to prosocial behavior.
Franzen, Axel; Mader, Sebastian; Winter, Fabian