TOC: J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 35(7)

Television advertising’s influence on parents’ gift-giving perceptions
Steven Holiday, Mary S. Norman, R. Glenn Cummins, Terri N. Hernandez, Derrick Holland, and Eric E. Rasmussen

Does digitalization create or reduce perceived global value?
Ibtissame Abaidi and Eric Vernette

Interactive effect of consumer affinity and consumer ethnocentrism on product trust and willingness-to-buy: a moderated-mediation model
Gongxing Guo, Hongwei Tu, and Bao Cheng

Search effort and retail outcomes: the mediating role of search disconfirmation
Stephanie Gillison and Kristy Reynolds

Emotional intelligence in transcendent customer experiences
Anupama Sukhu, Soobin Seo, Robert Scharff, and Blair Kidwell

The use of mature models in advertisements and its contribution to the spirituality of older consumers
Corinne Chevalier and Gaelle Moal-Ulvoas

Doing well when doing good: the fit between corporate sponsorship and brand concept
Huawei Zhu, Qingan Li, and Junyun Liao

The influence of material reliance, personal control, and expectations on quality of life during consumers’ life transitions
Anastasia Thyroff, Jennifer Siemens, and Brandon McAlexander

Climate change risk perceptions among green conscious young consumers: implications for green commodity marketing
Chamila Perera and Chandana Hewege