TOC: J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 49(9)

The future of international business research on corporate globalization that never was…
Alain Verbeke, Régis Coeurderoy & Tanja Matt


Conceptualizing and measuring distance in international business research: Recurring questions and best practice guidelines
Sjoerd Beugelsdijk, Björn Ambos & Phillip C Nell


The making of a construct: Lessons from 30 years of the Kogut and Singh cultural distance index
Ilya R P Cuypers, Gokhan Ertug, Pursey P M A R Heugens, Bruce Kogut & Tengjian Zou


The Kogut and Singh national cultural distance index: Time to start using it as a springboard rather than a crutch
Robbert Maseland, Douglas Dow & Piers Steel


The tortuous evolution of the role of culture in IB research: What we know, what we don’t know, and where we are headed
Rosalie L Tung & Günter K Stahl


Interpreting societal culture value dimensions
Mark F Peterson & Tais S Barreto

Individualism and stock price crash risk
Zhe An, Zhian Chen, Donghui Li & Lu Xing

Client profitability of diffusion segments across countries for multi-generational innovations: The influence of firm, market, and cross-national differences
Ashish Sood & V Kumar