TOC: Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 52(12)

Guest editorial
Teresa Davis, Margaret K. Hogg, David Marshall, Alan Petersen, and Tanja Schneider

Intersectional research stories of responsibilising the family for food, feeding and health in the twenty-first century
Teresa Davis, Margaret K. Hogg, David Marshall, Alan Petersen, and Tanja Schneider

Intercultural household food tensions: a relational dialectics analysis
Donal Rogan, Maria Piacentini, and Gill Hopkinson

Learning from the past? An exploratory study of familial food socialization processes using the lens of emotional reflexivity
Tanyatip Kharuhayothin and Ben Kerrane

Figuring the pecking order
Shona M. Bettany and Ben Kerrane

Social eating patterns, identity and the subjective well-being of Chinese teenagers
Ann Veeck, Hongyan Yu, Hongli Zhang, Hong Zhu, and Fang (Grace) Yu

Shackles of care
Amy Yau and Sofia Christidi

Physical and emotional nourishment
Rachel Trees and Dianne Marion Dean

Families and food: exploring food well-being in poverty
Archana P. Voola, Ranjit Voola, Jessica Wyllie, Jamie Carlson, and Srinivas Sridharan

Food literacy, healthy eating barriers and household diet
Sanjeewa Pradeep Wijayaratne, Mike Reid, Kate Westberg, Anthony Worsley, and Felix Mavondo

The Italian breakfast: Mulino Bianco and the advent of a family practice (1971-1995)
Daniela Pirani, Benedetta Cappellini, and Vicki Harman

Constraints and possibilities in the thrown togetherness of feeding the family
Amber M. Epp and Linda L. Price

Familial fictions: families and food, convenience and care
Peter Jackson

“Grab gatorade!”: food marketing, regulation and the young consumer
Charlene Elliott

Intergenerational influences on children’s food preferences, and eating styles
Elizabeth S. Moore