TOC: Australasian Mar J


Australasian Marketing Journal, 26(4)

Special section On:A discourse on alternative world views in marketing research.Guest Editor: Sharon Purchase

Introduction to Special Section: A discourse on alternative world views in marketing research
Sharon Purchase

Incommensurability and paradigm crossing: Folding the EGs back into the omelet or blood in the water?
Michael Shaw, Andrew Nowicki

Marketing is scrambled: All evidence-based theorists are invited to breakfast
Rachel Kennedy, Nicole Hartnett

Academic spin doctoring: The incommensurability debate as a scholarly war fantasy
Sid Lowe, Michel Rod

Zebra crossings
Michael Shaw, Andrew Nowicki

Special section On:Investigating Complex Marketing Phenomena using QCA. Guest editors: Rouxelle De Villiers and Arch Woodside

Embracing asymmetric reality and displacing symmetric theory/testing
Rouxelle De Villiers, Arch G. Woodside

Reviewing the marketing theory adoption journey for studies using QCA as a methodological approach: Insights, gaps and agenda for future research
R. De Villiers, P. Tipgomut

Advertising effects? An elemental experiment
Tej Pochun, Linda Brennan, Lukas Parker

Calibrating and aggregating multi-dimensional concepts with fuzzy sets: “Human Development” and the quality of democracy
Dirk Berg-Schlosser

A qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) of satisfaction toward extreme sporting Events
Daniele Scarpi, Gabriele Pizzi, Francesco Raggiotto, Michela Mason

Applying asymmetric, case-based, forecasting modeling in service research: Cultures’ consequences on customers’ service gratuities
Graham Ferguson, Carol M. Megehee, Arch G. Woodside