JM Authors Webinar


Journal of Marketing authors will share research insights from recent articles, 6 Dec 2018

Journal of Marketing Webinar Series: December 6 at 1PM EDT

Join us for an upcoming webcast of JM authors sharing their research insights from their recently published articles. We encourage you to invite your colleagues, students, and managerial colleagues that might be interested in these topics.

Date: December 6, 2018
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Eastern)

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Topics and Authors:

Selling the Premium in Freemium

  • Presenter: PK Kannan, University of Maryland
  • Summary: It is hard to resist the allure of free. When done right, the freemium business model can help drive massive traffic to companies’ websites, provide a “try before you buy” experience that overcomes user resistance to paying, and convert free users to paying customers. However, many companies fail at this strategy if customers anchor on free goods and cannot be dislodged. A new study in the Journal of Marketing examines how to extend product lines for maximum revenues.
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How Consumers’ Political Ideology and Status-Maintenance Goals Interact to Shape Their Desire for Luxury Goods

  • Presenters: Jeehye Christine Kim, Hong Kong University of Science & Tech and David Dubois, INSEAD
  • Summary: Is there such a thing as Rolex Republicans? A new study in the Journal of Marketing says decidedly yes. The researcher analyzed the luxury goods market, which notched $262 billion in sales in 2017, to understand how political ideology influences the purchase of high-end goods in the U.S.
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