TOC: Service Ind J


Service Industries Journal, 39(1)

Dynamics of intellectual capitals and bank efficiency in India
Harishankar Vidyarthi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Workplace gossip and frontline employees’ proactive service performance
Qi-tao Tian, Yang Song, Ho Kwong Kwan & Xue Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Growth of KIBS and non-KIBS firms: evidences from university spin-offs
Christian Corsi, Antonio Prencipe, María Jesús Rodríguez-Gulías, David Rodeiro-Pazos & Sara Fernández-López [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Banks’ unfairness and the vulnerability of low-income unbanked consumers
Sohail Kamran & Outi Uusitalo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]