TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 153(1)

Virtual Discussion Forum on Trust in the New Economy

Reframing the Moral Limits of Markets Debate: Social Domains, Values, Allocation Methods
Ben Wempe & Jeff Frooman

Justice and the Social Ontology of the Corporation
Nuno Ornelas Martins

Enriching the Organizational Context of Chronic Illness Experience Through an Ethics of Care Perspective
Lavanya Vijayasingham, Uma Jogulu & Pascale Allotey

How Friedman’s View on Individual Freedom Relates to Stakeholder Theory and Social Contract Theory
Johannes Jahn & Rolf Brühl

The Effects of the Dark Triad on Unethical Behavior
Andrew Harrison, James Summers & Brian Mennecke

Sweatshop Regulation and Workers’ Choices
Jessica Flanigan

Virtual to Virtuous Money: A Virtue Ethics Perspective on Video Game Business Logic
Olli I. Heimo, J. Tuomas Harviainen, Kai K. Kimppa & Tuomas Mäkilä

The Principle of Subsidiarity and the Ethical Factor in Giuseppe Toniolo’s Thought
Alice Martini & Luca Spataro

The Ethics of Predatory Journals
Alexander McLeod, Arline Savage & Mark G. Simkin

Embedding Ethics: Dialogic Partnerships and Communitarian Business Ethics
Rob Macklin & Karin Mathison

Practical Wisdom: Management’s No Longer Forgotten Virtue
Claudius Bachmann, André Habisch & Claus Dierksmeier

A Multilevel Trust-based Model of Ethical Public Leadership
N. A. Mozumder

Business Schools and the Development of Responsible Leaders: A Proposition of Edgar Morin’s Transdisciplinarity
Stefan Gröschl & Patricia Gabaldon

Can Anticipating Time Pressure Reduce the Likelihood of Unethical Behaviour Occurring?
Hwee Ping Koh, Glennda Scully & David R. Woodliff

Corporate Social Responsibility and Worker Rights: Institutionalizing Social Dialogue Through International Framework Agreements
Christian Lévesque, Marc-Antonin Hennebert, Gregor Murray & Reynald Bourque

Learning from Greek Philosophers: The Foundations and Structural Conditions of Ethical Training in Business Schools
Sandrine Frémeaux, Grant Michelson & Christine Noël-Lemaitre

The Evolution and Challenges of the Concept of Organizational Virtuousness in Positive Organizational Scholarship
Marcel Meyer

Fairtrade Towns as Unconventional Networks of Ethical Activism
Ken Peattie & Anthony Samuel

Eugene Heath, Byron Kaldis, and Alexei Marcoux (eds): The Routledge Companion to Business Ethics
Denis Collins

Review of The Cordial Economy: Ethics, Recognition and Reciprocity by Patrici Calvo
Daniel Pallarés-Domínguez