TOC: J Con Res


Journal of Consumer Research, 45(4)

When Feeling Younger Depends on Others: The Effects of Social Cues on Older Consumers
Cesare Amatulli; Alessandro M Peluso; Gianluigi Guido ; Carolyn Yoon

The Influence of Purchase Motivation on Perceived Preference Uniqueness and Assortment Size Choice
Sarah C Whitley; Remi Trudel; Didem Kurt

Apples, Oranges, and Erasers: The Effect of Considering Similar versus Dissimilar Alternatives on Purchase Decisions
Elizabeth M S Friedman; Jennifer Savary; Ravi Dhar

Emotional Ability and Associative Learning: How Experiencing and Reasoning about Emotions Impacts Evaluative Conditioning
Jonathan Hasford; Blair Kidwell; David M Hardesty

Mind the Gap: How Smaller Numerical Differences Can Increase Product Attractiveness
Meyrav Shoham; Sarit Moldovan; Yael Steinhart

The Minimal Deviation Effect: Numbers Just above a Categorical Boundary Enhance Consumer Desire
Yunhui Huang; Han Gong

Seeking and Avoiding Choice Closure to Enhance Outcome Satisfaction
Yangjie Gu; Simona Botti; David Faro

Maybe I Just Got (Un)lucky: One-on-One Conversations and the Malleability of Post-Consumption Product and Service Evaluations
Daniel C Brannon; Adriana Samper

Deciding Who Gets What, Fairly
Franklin Shaddy; Anuj K Shah

Food as Ideology: Measurement and Validation of Locavorism
Brandon J Reich; Joshua T Beck; John Price

Brands as Rivals: Consumer Pursuit of Distinctiveness and the Role of Brand Anthropomorphism
Marina Puzakova; Pankaj Aggarwal