TOC: J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 33(8)

The influence of internal and external factors on the marketing strategic planning in SNOWA Corporation
Ali Ebrahimi and Hamidreza Banaeifard

The role of manager leadership style in salesperson implementation of sales strategy: a contingency perspective
Aniefre Eddie Inyang, Raj Agnihotri, and Laura Munoz

Combining goods and service-dominant logics in purchasing strategies
Tale Skjølsvik

Placing social capital in business networks: conceptualisation and research agenda
Julia V. Bondeli, Malena Ingemansson Havenvid, and Hans Solli-Sæther

Contextual layers of service experience in professional business services
Johanna Still, Hanna Komulainen, and Satu Nätti

Servitization intent as a factor in the servitization process
Edward Crowley, Jamie Burton, and Judith Zolkiewski

Weathering contextual activities and situated sensemaking
Sid Lowe and Michel Rod

Evolving value propositions in knowledge-intensive business services
Eija-Liisa Heikka and Satu Nätti

Multi-stage expectation-confirmation framework for salespeople expectation management
Joon-Hee Oh and Judy Ma

Hospital service quality and patient loyalty: the mediation effect of empathy
Yucheng Zhang, Long Zhang, Xin Zhang, Miles M. Yang, Shanshan Zhang, Shyh-Jane Li, and Yu-Ying Huang

An integrative approach for the purchasing and evaluation of business services from a buyer’s perspective
Martin Haensel and Erik Hofmann

Big data and connectivity in long-linked supply chains
Per Engelseth and Hao Wang

Customer centricity and guanxi prevalence as social capital: a study of international business relationships
Angeline Close Scheinbaum and Stephen W. Wang

An inquiry into the supplier selection decision from the business-to-consumer (B2C) perspective
Wesley S. Boyce and Haim Mano