TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 21(4)

Context matters
Wenting Zhou & John Hey

On the cultural basis of gender differences in negotiation
Steffen Andersen, Seda Ertac, Uri Gneezy, John A. List & Sandra Maximiano

Reciprocity under moral wiggle room: Is it a preference or a constraint?
Tobias Regner

Liking what others “Like”: using Facebook to identify determinants of conformity
Johan Egebark & Mathias Ekström

Risk breeds risk aversion
Tai-Sen He & Fuhai Hong

Disapproval aversion or inflated inequity acceptance? The impact of expressing emotions in ultimatum bargaining
Josie I. Chen & Kenju Kamei

Indirect higher order beliefs and cooperation
Jiabin Wu

Status and the demand for visible goods: experimental evidence on conspicuous consumption
David Clingingsmith & Roman M. Sheremeta

Transmission of information within transnational social networks: a field experiment
Natalia Candelo, Rachel T. A. Croson & Catherine Eckel

Auctions with endogenous participation and an uncertain number of bidders: experimental evidence
Diego Aycinena & Lucas Rentschler