Revisit: Entrepreneurship and Macromarketing


Special issue of Journal of Macromarketing; Deadline now 31 Jan 2019

Entrepreneurship and Macromarketing

Call for Papers for a special issue

Special issue editors:

Fabian Eggers, Menlo College, USA
Sussie Morrish, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Abdul Ali, Babson College, USA
Jeffrey G. Covin, Indiana University

Entrepreneurs cause markets to change. In this way, entrepreneurs contribute to market dynamism and the disequilibrium that characterize markets. Research focused on entrepreneurial marketing (EM) goes back to the first marketing and entrepreneurship conference headed by Gerald Hills in 1982 – just one year after the launch of the Journal of Macromarketing which focuses on the interplay between marketing and society.

Manuscripts focused on entrepreneurship/entrepreneurial marketing and macrolevel phenomena are welcome for the special issue. Special preference will be given to papers presented at the SEE Conference, the Macromarketing Conference in Leipzig, Germany July 10- 13, 2018

and the Global Research Symposium on Marketing and Entrepreneurship in Boston, USA August 7-9, 2018

Possible topics for manuscripts might include entrepreneurship/entrepreneurial marketing and any of the following:

  • Quality of Life
  • Relationships/networks
  • Natural Environment
  • Results of effectuation approaches
  • Ethics
  • Externalities (costs paid by third-parties)
  • Marketing Systems
  • Unintended outcomes (such as venture failure)
  • Marketing History
  • Culture (e.g. progress-prone vs. progress-resistant)
  • Developing Countries
  • Diversity (gender, ethnic, age, or immigrants)
  • Entrepreneurship Policy
  • Innovation

Submissions are due no later than January 31, 2019 at

Indicate that your paper is intended for this special issue. Manuscripts guidelines are available at: Please direct any inquiries or expressions of interest to either of the special issue co-editors: Fabian Eggers, Sussie Morrish, or Abdul Ali