AEF Visiting Professors


Association of National Advertisers Educational Foundation Visiting Professor Program, Deadline 8 Feb 2019

Since its inception over 500 professors have participated in the AEF Visiting Professor Program (VPP). The goal of the VPP is to enhance professors’ understanding of current developments and practice in advertising and marketing to inform their teaching and research. It is also a forum for professors to exchange learning, and to create long-term relationships with agencies and marketers.

The ANA Educational Foundation invites you to apply to the Visiting Professor Program (VPP). In 2019, the program will be held in June in New York in partnership with Fordham University, and will be extended to Chicago in partnership with Loyola University. Professors can apply to one of two programs: the four-day Immersion (in both NYC and Chicago) or the in-depth, nine-day Immersion + Fellowship (in NYC only).

Application deadline: February 8, 2019

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