TOC: Psych Mar


Psychology & Marketing, 35(12)

Is movie success a judgment device? When more is not better
Michela Addis, Morris B. Holbrook

Tell it like it is: The effects of differing responses to negative online reviews
Carol L. Esmark Jones, Jennifer L. Stevens, Michael Breazeale, Brian I. Spaid

Luxury brand desirability and fashion equity: The joint moderating effect on consumers’ commitment toward luxury brands
Mélanie Pham, Pierre Valette-Florence, Franck Vigneron

What’s in a name? The impact of subcategory salience on value perception and upgrade intention for multicategory products
Jin K. Han, Seh-Woong Chung, Yong Seok Sohn

How the young adult consumer segment responds to trusty and committed marketing relationship
Nelson Oly Ndubisi, Rajan Nataraajan

Through the looking glass: The factors that influence consumer trust and distrust in brands
Carmen Iuliana Mal, Gary Davies, Audra Diers-Lawson

Exploring materialism and frugality in determining product end-use consumption behaviors
Uwana Evers, Richard L. Gruner, Joanne Sneddon, Julie A. Lee

A longitudinal investigation of customer cooperation in services: The role of appraisal of cooperation behaviors
Junzhou Zhang, Chuanyi Tang, Lin Guo, Hangjun Xu

Interference effects in competitive sponsorship clutter
Benjamin Boeuf, François A. Carrillat, Alain d’Astous

Identifying (our) donors: Toward a social psychological understanding of charity selection in Australia
Cassandra M. Chapman, Winnifred R. Louis, Barbara M. Masser

Is cash always king? Bundling product–cause fit and product type in cause-related marketing
Chun-Tuan Chang, Pei-Chi Chen, Xing-Yu (Marcos) Chu, Ming-Tsung Kung, Yi-Feng Huang

Quantitative insights from online qualitative data: An example from the health care sector
Christine Pitt, Michael Mulvey, Jan Kietzmann