TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 152(4)

Virtual Discussion Forum on Trust in the New Economy

In this issue
Editorial Essay

Ethical Challenges in Strategic Management: The 19th IESE International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society
Joan Fontrodona, Joan Enric Ricart & Pascual Berrone

Integrating Servant Leadership into Managerial Strategy to Build Group Social Capital: The Mediating Role of Group Citizenship Behavior
Jorge Linuesa-Langreo, Pablo Ruiz-Palomino & Dioni Elche-Hortelano

On the Unethical Use of Privileged Information in Strategic Decision-Making: The Effects of Peers’ Ethicality, Perceived Cohesion, and Team Performance
Kevin J. Johnson, Joé T. Martineau, Saouré Kouamé, Gokhan Turgut & Serge Poisson-de-Haro

Mismanagement of Sustainability: What Business Strategy Makes the Difference? Empirical Evidence from the USA
Janine Maniora

Engaging Stakeholders in Emerging Economies: The Case of Multilatinas
Anabella Davila, Carlos Rodriguez-Lluesma & Marta M. Elvira

Transformational Business Models, Grand Challenges, and Social Impact
Ignasi Martí

Made in Carcere: Integral Human Development in Extreme Conditions
Luca Mongelli, Pietro Versari, Francesco Rullani & Antonino Vaccaro

Managing Organizational Gender Diversity Images: A Content Analysis of German Corporate Websites
Leon Windscheid, Lynn Bowes-Sperry, Karsten Jonsen & Michèle Morner

Expectations and Attitudes Toward Gender-Based Price Discrimination
O. C. Ferrell, Dimitri Kapelianis, Linda Ferrell & Lynzie Rowland

Ethical Sourcing: An Analysis of the Literature and Implications for Future Research
Seongtae Kim, Claudia Colicchia & David Menachof

Does Raising Value Co-creation Increase All Customers’ Happiness?
Yi-Ching Hsieh, Hung-Chang Chiu, Yun-Chia Tang & Wei-Yun Lin

Carrot or Stick? The Role of In-Group/Out-Group on the Multilevel Relationship Between Authoritarian and Differential Leadership and Employee Turnover Intention
Lei Wang, Meng-Yu Cheng & Song Wang

Cross-Domain Effects of Ethical Leadership on Employee Family and Life Satisfaction: the Moderating Role of Family-Supportive Supervisor Behaviors
Shuxia Zhang & Yidong Tu

How is Benevolent Leadership Linked to Employee Creativity? The Mediating Role of Leader–Member Exchange and the Moderating Role of Power Distance Orientation
Weipeng Lin, Jingjing Ma, Qi Zhang, Jenny Chen Li & Feng Jiang

A Study of Why Anomic Employees Harm Co-workers: Do Uncompassionate Feelings Matter?
Pablo Zoghbi-Manrique-de-Lara & Rita M. Guerra-Báez

Mentoring: A Path to Prosocial Behavior
Eileen Z. Taylor & Mary B. Curtis

Perceived Acceptability of Organizational Layoffs and Job Alliances During a Recession: A Mapping of Portuguese People’s Views
Joana Margarida Sequeira Neto & Etienne Mullet

Theory of Virtue Ethics: Do Consumers’ Good Traits Predict Their Socially Responsible Consumption?
So Young Song & Youn-Kyung Kim

Influence of Transparency on Employees’ Ethical Judgments: A Case of Russia
Wen-yeh Huang