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Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 33(4)

Product design and hierarchized persuasion process: An application to three household electrical products
Imène Belboula, Claire-Lise Ackermann, and Jean-Pierre Mathieu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

For a renewal of the situation concept: The situation of home online shopping
Aurélia Michaud-Trévinal and Thomas Stenger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How should customers be trained in their role as coproducers? The influence of training and its characteristics on the benefits of coproduction
Lionel Nicod and Sylvie Llosa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contribution of terroir store brands to retailers’ legitimacy and CSR and price images
Jérôme Lacœuilhe, Didier Louis, and Cindy Lombart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The time of consumers: A review of researches and perspectives
Jeanne Lallement and Andrea Gourmelen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]