TOC: American Econ Rev


American Economic Review, 108(11)

Firm Sorting and Agglomeration
Cecile Gaubert

Near-Feasible Stable Matchings with Couples
Thành Nguyen and Rakesh Vohra

The Costs of Patronage: Evidence from the British Empire
Guo Xu

The Logic of Insurgent Electoral Violence
Luke N. Condra, James D. Long, Andrew C. Shaver and Austin L. Wright

Strategic Patient Discharge: The Case of Long-Term Care Hospitals
Paul J. Eliason, Paul L. E. Grieco, Ryan C. McDevitt and James W. Roberts

Measuring and Bounding Experimenter Demand
Jonathan de Quidt, Johannes Haushofer and Christopher Roth

Mismatch of Talent: Evidence on Match Quality, Entry Wages, and Job Mobility
Peter Fredriksson, Lena Hensvik and Oskar Nordström Skans

Temporary Protection and Technology Adoption: Evidence from the Napoleonic Blockade
Réka Juhász

The Long-Run Effects of Disruptive Peers
Scott E. Carrell, Mark Hoekstra and Elira Kuka

BKK the EZ Way: International Long-Run Growth News and Capital Flows
Ric Colacito, Max Croce, Steven Ho and Philip Howard

Innovation, Reallocation, and Growth
Daron Acemoglu, Ufuk Akcigit, Harun Alp, Nicholas Bloom and William Kerr