TOC: J Advancement Mar Ed


Journal of Advancement of Marketing Education, 26(2)

Any Questions? Questioning Skills as a Selling Tactics for Sales Students
Aaron D. Arndt, Cindy B. Rippé & Stephen B. Castleberry

Congruence between Course Modality and Professor Communication: A Study of Pedagogical Impact using Sales Techniques
Cindy B. Rippé, Suri Weisfeld-Spolter, Shannon Cummins & Yuliya Yurova

Designing Marketing Courses based on Self-Determination Theory: Promoting Psychological Need Fulfillment and Improving Student Outcomes
Steven W. Rayburn, Sidney T. Anderson & Karen H. Smith

Monographic versus Multiple Essay Dissertations: A Comparison of Journal Publications in the Marketing Discipline
William C. Martin, Mary K. Askim-Lovseth & Connie Rae Bateman

Student Perceptions of and Satisfaction with Mobile Polling Technology: An Exploratory Study
Bela Florenthal