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Industrial Marketing Management, 74

Special section on Capabilities in business relationships and networks

Guest Editors
Maciej Mitrega, Sebastian Forkmann,Stephan Henneberg ]

Capabilities in business relationships and networks: An introduction to the special issue
Maciej Mitrega, Stephan C. Henneberg, Sebastian Forkmann

Capabilities in business relationships and networks: Research recommendations and directions
Sebastian Forkmann, Stephan C. Henneberg, Maciej Mitrega

A relational perspective of the microfoundations of dynamic managerial capabilities and transactive memory systems
Jeffrey A. Martin, Daniel G. Bachrach

Key account management as a firm capability
Björn S. Ivens, Alexander Leischnig, Catherine Pardo, Barbara Niersbach

Limits to networking capabilities: Relationship trade-offs and innovation
Jerad A. Ford, Martie-Louise Verreynne, John Steen

Orchestrator types, roles and capabilities – A framework for innovation networks
Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, Satu Nätti

When does alliance proactiveness matter to market performance? A comparative case analysis
Alexander Leischnig, Anja Geigenmüller

Network management in emergent high-tech business contexts: Critical capabilities and activities
Fredrik Nordin, Annika Ravald, Kristian Möller, Jakki J. Mohr

In search of paradox management capability in supplier–customer co-development
Minna Oinonen, Paavo Ritala, Anne Jalkala, Kirsimarja Blomqvist

Exploring strategies and dynamic capabilities for net formation and management
Daniel Schepis, Nick Ellis, Sharon Purchase

When does innovation collaboration pay off? The role of relational learning and the timing of collaboration
Maria M. Smirnova, Vera A. Rebiazina, Svetlana G. Khomich

Regular Articles

Social media engagement strategy: Investigation of marketing and R&D interfaces in manufacturing industry
Koteshwar Chirumalla, Pejvak Oghazi, Vinit Parida

Mitigating adverse customer behaviour for product-service system provision: An agency theory perspective
Wiebke Reim, David Sjödin, Vinit Parida

An exploration of power asymmetry in the apparel industry in the UK and Turkey
Cagri Talay, Lynn Oxborrow, Clare Brindley

Relational factors and performance of agrifood chains in Kenya
Sarah Mutonyi, Karin Beukel, Carsten Nico Hjortsø

Boundary objects in network interactions
Debbie Harrison, Thomas Hoholm, Frans Prenkert, Per Ingvar Olsen

The mediating role of consent in business marketing
Stefanos Mouzas, David Ford

Top managers’ managerial ties, supply chain integration, and firm performance in China: A social capital perspective
Meng Chen, Hefu Liu, Shaobo Wei, Jibao Gu