TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 115(5)

Racialized images: Tracing appraisals of police force and protest.
Reinka, Mora A.; Leach, Colin Wayne

Does deciding among morally relevant options feel like making a choice? How morality constrains people’s sense of choice.
Kouchaki, Maryam; Smith, Isaac H.; Savani, Krishna

“Settling for less out of fear of being single”: Correction to Spielmann et al. (2013).
No authorship indicated

How interdependent are stay/leave decisions? On staying in the relationship for the sake of the romantic partner.
Joel, Samantha; Impett, Emily A.; Spielmann, Stephanie S.; MacDonald, Geoff

The accumulation of stereotype-based self-fulfilling prophecies.
Madon, Stephanie; Jussim, Lee; Guyll, Max; Nofziger, Heather; Salib, Elizabeth R.; Willard, Jennifer; Scherr, Kyle C.

The Montagu Principle: Incivility decreases politicians’ public approval, even with their political base.
Frimer, Jeremy A.; Skitka, Linda J.

Income redistribution predicts greater life satisfaction across individual, national, and cultural characteristics.
Cheung, Felix

What inverted U can do for your country: A curvilinear relationship between confidence in the social system and political engagement.
Cichocka, Aleksandra; Górska, Paulina; Jost, John T.; Sutton, Robbie M.; Bilewicz, Michal

In the shadow of coal: How large-scale industries contributed to present-day regional differences in personality and well-being.
Obschonka, Martin; Stuetzer, Michael; Rentfrow, Peter J.; Shaw-Taylor, Leigh; Satchell, Max; Silbereisen, Rainer K.; Potter, Jeff; Gosling, Samuel D.