TOC: J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 49(8)


Zoom in, zoom out: Geographic scale and multinational activity
Ram Mudambi, Lee Li, Xufei Ma, Shige Makino, Gongming Qian & Ron Boschma

Core or periphery? The effects of country-of-origin agglomerations on the within-country expansion of MNEs
Maximilian Stallkamp, Brian C Pinkham, Andreas P J Schotter & Olha Buchel

Location strategy in cluster networks
Pengfei Li & Harald Bathelt

Knowledge connectedness within and across home country borders: Spatial heterogeneity and the technological scope of firm innovations
Vittoria G. Scalera, Alessandra Perri & T. J. Hannigan

Rapid expansion of international new ventures across institutional distance
Ziliang Deng, Ruey-Jer “Bryan” Jean & Rudolf R Sinkovics

Domestic alliance networks and regional strategies of MNEs: A structural embeddedness perspective
Viacheslav Iurkov & Gabriel R G Benito

Impact of historical conflict on FDI location and performance: Japanese investment in China
Gerald Yong Gao, Danny Tan Wang & Yi Che


Traversing cultural boundaries in IB: The complex relationships between explicit country and implicit cultural group boundaries at multiple levels
Mark F Peterson, Mikael Søndergaard & Aycan Kara