TOC: J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 33(7)

Effects of IT-based supply chains on new product development activities and the performance of computer and communication electronics manufacturers
Tun-Chih Kou, Chang-Tang Chiang, and Ai-Hsuan Chiang

Impacts of classic transaction cost-related factors on partner’s cooperative and opportunistic behaviour in joint ventures
Jinjie Xue, Hongping Yuan, and Zizhen Geng

The impacts of competence-based marketing capabilities: relative attention, relationship learning and collaboration development
Feng-Hsu Liu and Lu-Jui Chen

Determinants of conflict in channel relationships: a meta-analytic review
Dheeraj Sharma and Biswajita Parida

Exploration of capability and role development in an emerging technology network
Fatemeh Salehi, Judith Zolkiewski, Helen Perks, and Mohammad Ali Bahreini

Interactional and procedural practices in managing coopetitive tensions
Annika Tidström, Paavo Ritala, and Kirsi Lainema

Knowledge sharing serves as a mediator between collaborative culture and innovation capability: an empirical research
Zhi Yang, Van Thithuy Nguyen, and Phong Ba Le

How market orientation contributes to innovation and market performance: the roles of business analytics and flexible IT infrastructure
Amir Ashrafi and Ahad Zare Ravasan

How to enhance IT B2B service innovation? An integrated view of organizational mechanisms
Hung-Tai Tsou and Colin C.J. Cheng

Customer orientation or employee orientation: which matters more? The moderating role of firm size
Cheol Park, Jongkun Jun, Thaemin Lee, and Heejung Lee

Influence of human capital on healthcare agility and healthcare supply chain performance
Santanu Mandal

“Shopping for Items” or “Partnering for Performance”? A framework of purchasing practices for value co-creation in post-outsourcing buyer–supplier relationships
Hannu Makkonen, Sini Nordberg-Davies, and Rami Olkkonen

Moderating effects of environmental uncertainty on behavioural intentions in business markets – a study across theoretical perspectives
Nektarios Tzempelikos and Kaouther Kooli

Making sense of global key account management (GAM): a case study from Japan
Nick Ellis and Akihito Iwasaki