TOC: Concise Guide Market Res


A Concise Guide to Market Research, Book by Marko Sarstedt and Erik Mooi

Introduction to Market Research

The Market Research Process


Getting Data

Descriptive Statistics

Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA

Regression Analysis

Principal Component and Factor Analysis

Cluster Analysis

Communicating the Results

This is a new version with several exciting new features:

  • To facilitate learning, the third edition uses a single case study throughout the book (Oddjob Airways). We have also created an website accompanying the case study, which includes several tutorial videos on depth interviews, experiments, and focus groups on
  • We fully revised the sections on survey design, which now covers the latest research on survey administration (e.g., smartphones and tablets), item generation (e.g., item content and wording), and the properties of different scale types.
  • We included substantial new material to reflect the latest research on each topic.
  • The third edition comes in a new design template, which allowed us to implement further pedagogical elements, which allow highlighting excurses, tips, case studies, review questions, and a glossary.
  • All the examples have been updated and now use SPSS 25. All the material reflects this new version of the program.

We have updated and improved the PowerPoint slides to reflect the latest version of the book. Please let us know if you need the password for the Instructor Resources section of the book at

Book’s contents:

The full book is available via SpringerLink at