Revisit: Global Brand Conference


An Academy of Marketing Conference, Berlin, 8-10 May 2019; Deadline 5 Nov 2018

14th Global Brand Conference 2019

Start-ups, Arts and Creative Industries: Fresh Perspectives on Brands

The Global Brand Conference of the Academy of Marketing’s Brand Identity and Corporate Reputation Special Interest Group has developed a reputation for being one of the world’s leading academic conferences on branding in the last fifteen years. At this event, top experts from around the world come together to debate and develop the state-of-play in branding theory and application.

The 14th Global Brand Conference (GBC) will be held in Berlin and hosted by HWR Berlin (Berlin School of Economics and Law) on 8th-10th May, 2019. Berlin, the German capital, is one of the most spirited cities of our times, a well-established home for creatives and creative-minded people and an international hotspot for hip brands. Among Berlin’s many institutions of higher education, the HWR Berlin, with around 11,000 students, works to achieve a combination of high-level intensive research into a range of areas with a clear practical application, all performed to the most exacting of quality standards and embedded in a strong network of international academic exchange.

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