Replications: Either Successful or Unsuccessful


Special issue of Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing Science; Deadline 28 Feb 2019

EMPGENS – call for papers ‘Replications – either successful, or unsuccessful’

The lack of replication work in marketing is widely acknowledged. However, it is still difficult for researchers to publish replications. Indeed, unsuccessful replications are particularly difficult to achieve acceptance and be published, because their reviewers tend to be authors of the study that failed to replicate, and may see the null result as threatening. This lack of replication evidence is counterproductive to the development of marketing knowledge. Therefore, EMPGENS seeks submission of well-conducted, quality replication studies – regardless of whether they are consistent or inconsistent with the original findings.

Due date February 28 2019.

Please register your interest with with a very brief summary of the study (a paragraph, in the text of an email) during October 2018. This will help us get some indication of the likely volume of submissions.