TOC: Decision


Decision, 5(4)

A formal model of fuzzy-trace theory: Variations on framing effects and the Allais Paradox.
Broniatowski, David A.; Reyna, Valerie F.

Not just noise: A goal pursuit interpretation of stochastic choice.
Wallin, Ann; Swait, Joffre; Marley, A. A. J.

A neural indicator of response competition in preferential choice.
Frame, Mary E.; Johnson, Joseph G.; Thomas, Robin D.

Are preferences for allocating harm rational?
Davis, Alexander L.; Miller, John H.; Bhatia, Sudeep

Not all Prisoner’s Dilemma games are equal: Incentives, social preferences, and cooperation.
Moisan, Frédéric; ten Brincke, Robert; Murphy, Ryan O.; Gonzalez, Cleotilde

Classic-probability accounts of mirrored (quantum-like) order effects in human judgments.
Kellen, David; Singmann, Henrik; Batchelder, William H.

The effect of goals and environments on human performance in optimal stopping problems.
Guan, Maime; Lee, Michael D.

Examining the integrity of evaluations of risky prospects using a single-stimuli design.
Millroth, Philip; Nilsson, Håkan; Juslin, Peter