TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 152(2)

Do Investors See Value in Ethically Sound CEO Apologies? Investigating Stock Market Reaction to CEO Apologies
Daryl Koehn & Maria Goranova

The Role of Management Accounting in Ancient India: Evidence from the Arthasastra
Vijaya Murthy & Jim Rooney

Female Institutional Directors on Boards and Firm Value
María Consuelo Pucheta-Martínez, Inmaculada Bel-Oms & Gustau Olcina-Sempere

Underwriter–Auditor Relationship and Pre-IPO Earnings Management: Evidence from China
Xingqiang Du, Xu Li, Xuejiao Liu & Shaojuan Lai

Board Heterogeneity and Organisational Performance: The Mediating Effects of Line Managers and Staff Satisfaction
A. Blanco-Oliver, G. Veronesi & I. Kirkpatrick

Auditee Religiosity, External Monitoring, and the Pricing of Audit Services
Ferdinand A. Gul & Anthony C. Ng

Misleading Forecasts in Accounting Estimates: A Form of Ethical Blindness in Accounting Standards?
Wally Smieliauskas, Kathryn Bewley, Ulfert Gronewold & Ulrich Menzefricke

Effects of Outsider’s Monitoring on Capital Structure and Corporate Growth Strategy: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Byung S. Min

The Interplay Between Private and Public Regulations: Evidence from ISO 14001 Adoption Among Chinese Firms
Wenlong He, Wei Yang & Seong-jin Choi

IPO Firm Performance and Its Link with Board Officer Gender, Family-Ties and Other Demographics
Paul B. McGuinness

In Support of Public or Private Interests? An Examination of Sanctions Imposed Under the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct
J. Gregory Jenkins, Velina Popova & Mark D. Sheldon

Political Connections and Firm Value in China: An Event Study
Feng Liu, Hui Lin & Huiying Wu

Whistleblowing Intentions Among Public Accountants in Indonesia: Testing for the Moderation Effects
Hengky Latan, Christian M. Ringle & Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour