TOC: J Assoc Con Res


Journal of the Assocation for Consumer Research, 3(4)

The Science of Extraordinary Beliefs: An Introduction to This Issue
Pankaj Aggarwal, Lauren Block, Thomas Kramer, and Ann L. McGill

A Functional Motivation Framework for Examining Superstitious Behavior
Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Praveen Aggarwal, and Marat Bakpayev

Paying the Doughboy: The Effect of Time and Money Mind-sets on Preference for Anthropomorphized Products
Jing Wan

The Influence of Implicit Self-Theories on Causal Inferences about Superstitions and Consequences on Subsequent Tasks
Jungyun Kang, Ji Kyung Park, and Hakkyun Kim

What Goes Around, Comes Around: How Beliefs in Karma Influence the Use of Word of Mouth for Self-Enhancement
Ana Valenzuela, Andrea Bonezzi, and Teodóra Szabó-Douat

Does Endowing a Product with Life Make One Feel More Alive? The Effect of Product Anthropomorphism on Consumer Vitality
Fangyuan Chen, Jaideep Sengupta, and Rashmi Adaval

Bringing Narratives to Life: Animism, Totems, and Intangible Value
George E. Newman

Expectancy Neglect: Why Superstitious Acts Increase Risk Seeking in Gains but Risk Avoidance in Losses
Ping Dong and Aparna A. Labroo

You Reflect Me: Narcissistic Consumers Prefer Anthropomorphized Arrogant Brands
Norah Awad and Nara Youn

Amending the Law of Contagion: A General Theory of Property Transference
Andrea C. Morales, Darren W. Dahl, and Jennifer J. Argo

The Roles of Extraordinary Beliefs in Consumption Rituals
Cele C. Otnes, Linda Tuncay Zayer, Robert Alfonso Arias, and Arun Sreekumar

Thought Leader Perspectives

Superstition, Ethics, and Transformative Consumer Research
Stuart Vyse

A Mind like Mine: The Exceptionally Ordinary Underpinnings of Anthropomorphism
Nicholas Epley

Understanding People’s Fear of Tempting Fate
Jane L. Risen and Thomas Gilovich

Back in Touch with Contagion: Some Essential Issues
Carol Nemeroff and Paul Rozin