Evolutionary Consumption


Darwinizing the Business School, Concordia University, 5 Oct 2018

On behalf of Dr. Gad Saad, Professor of Marketing at Concordia University, we are excited to announce the upcoming Symposium on Evolutionary Consumption: Darwinizing the Business School. This is a free event and all are invited.


Symposium on Evolutionary Consumption: Darwinizing the Business School

John Molson School of Business

Concordia University

Organized and Hosted by Dr. Gad Saad

Oct. 5, 2018

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Room: MB 9.EFG




Talk Titles

Dr. Martie Haselton

Mate Shopping

Dr. Douglas Kenrick


Three Models of Consumer Decision-Making: Econs, Morons, and Subselves


Dr. Geoffrey Miller

Virtue-signaling by Consumers and Companies

Dr. Tripat Gill

(& Shirish Panchal)


When Do Consumers Use Size to Signal Status?


Dr. Tobias Otterbring

Smaller-Sooner or Larger-Later? Investigating the Effects of Gender Identity and Digit Ratio on Consumers’ Reward Preferences


Dr. Daniel Sznycer

Support for Redistribution is Shaped by Compassion, Envy, and Self-Interest, But Not a Taste for Fairness


Dr. Gad Saad

The Benefits of Darwinizing Consumer Research

*order of speakers TBA