COO and Food Labels


Ben Lowe seeks unpublished studies on country/region of origin food labels and consumer evaluations of these labels

Dear colleagues

We are looking for unpublished studies that investigate the relationship between country/region of origin food labels and consumer evaluations of these labels. This is to take account of the file drawer effect in a proposed meta-analysis.

We are interested in studies about all food related labels which designate some kind of region of origin – this can include labels which designate a group of countries (eg EU), an individual country (eg France) or some other region within a country (eg Produced in Kent). We are interested in linking these labels to any consumer based evaluation – this can include willingness-to-pay, purchase intention, choice, attitude or any other consequence resulting from a consumer’s evaluation of such labels.

Studies can include unpublished, quantitative empirical work that may not be picked up by typical database searches. Examples include conference proceedings, book chapters, unpublished studies, working papers, manuscripts in preparation, preprints or even raw data.

If you have such studies we would be grateful to receive them to enhance the scientific integrity of the work we are doing.

Please send any such documents in an attached Word or PDF document to

Thanks for considering our request.

Best Regards

Ben Lowe

Kent Business School
University of Kent
Canterbury, United Kingdom