New Technologies and Marketing


Special issue of Journal of Marketing and Conference; SI deadline 1 Sep 2019

New Technologies and Marketing

Special Issue: Journal of Marketing

Special Issue Editors:

C. Page Moreau (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Donna Hoffman (George Washington University), Stefan Stremersch (Erasmus School of Economics & IESE Business School), and Michel Wedel (University of Maryland)

New technologies are disrupting marketing and the marketplace. Consumers are searching for, making decisions about, and using products and services in new ways. Start-ups and incumbents alike use novel data, strategies, and business models driven by these new technologies to enter, grow, and defend markets. The role of marketing is shifting, and this Special Issue of the Journal of Marketing seeks to bring together wide-ranging research to examine how new technologies are influencing the ways in which marketing contributes to organizational and societal outcomes and the marketing tools, skills, decisions, and capabilities important to this contribution.

The Journal of Marketing is collaborating on this Special Issue with the 2019 Theory + Practice in Marketing (TPM) Conference, hosted by Columbia Business School in New York City on May 16-18, 2019. The entire TPM conference will be dedicated to exploring research on New Technologies and Marketing with the goal of improving knowledge on this critical topic and helping authors prepare for submission to the Special Issue.

Research questions for the Special Issue include, but are not limited to:

  1. Consumer: How do new marketing technologies change consumer decision making, satisfaction, communication, and loyalty?
  2. Personalization and customization: How are organizations’ personalization strategies (e.g., via mobile applications, websites, newsfeeds, and communication tactics) influencing their performance?
  3. Marketing strategy: How do new technologies change the nature and impact of branding, pricing, and other components of the marketing mix?
  4. Marketing organization: How do new technologies change marketing’s role within the firm?
  5. Channel and sales: What are the B2B and salesforce challenges associated with new technologies? How do new communication technologies impact multichannel sales and relationships?
  6. New product development: How is new technology being used to guide the new product decision process?
  7. Competition and markets: How are new technologies altering competition between firms?
  8. Policy and societal topics: How should firms react to policy initiatives to protect consumer data, technology access, and the like?

See the complete Call for Papers for more details on research questions, submission details, and participation in the TPM conference.