TOC: Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 39(10)

Winning us with trifles: Adverse selection in the use of philanthropy as insurance
Jiao Luo, Aseem Kaul, Haram Seo

Competing with complementors: An empirical look at
Feng Zhu, Qihong Liu

The dark side of institutional intermediaries: Junior stock exchanges and entrepreneurship
Robert N. Eberhart, Charles E. Eesley

Reaching through the fog: Institutional environment and cross-border giving of corporate foundations
Abigail S. Hornstein, Minyuan Zhao

The impact of earnings expectations on corporate downsizing
Ann-Christine Schulz, Margarethe F. Wiersema

CEO career horizon, corporate governance, and real options: The role of economic short-termism
Joon Mahn Lee, Jung Chul Park, Timothy B. Folta

Activist-impelled divestitures and shareholder value
Siwen Chen, Emilie R. Feldman

Determinants of alliance partner choice: Network distance, managerial incentives, and board monitoring
Ribuga Kang, Akbar Zaheer

Firm non-market capabilities and the effect of supranational institutional safeguards on the location choice of international investments
Joao Albino-Pimentel, Pierre Dussauge, J. Myles Shaver

Strategic concepts as micro-level tools in strategic sensemaking
Kari Jalonen, Henri Schildt, Eero Vaara