TOC: J Con Policy


Journal of Consumer Policy, 41(3)

Determinants of Fair Trade Product Purchase Intention of Dutch Consumers According to the Extended Theory of Planned Behaviour
A. Beldad & S. Hegner

Consumer Product Failure Causing Personal Injury Under the No-Fault Accident Compensation Scheme in New Zealand—a Let-off for Manufacturers?
Trish O’Sullivan & Kate Tokeley

Do Consumers Understand PCP Car Finance? An Experimental Investigation
Terence J. McElvaney, Peter D. Lunn & Féidhlim P. McGowan

The Political Economy of State-Owned Lotteries
Alexander Fink

Stakeholder Conceptions of Later-Life Consumer Vulnerability in the Financial Services Industry: Beyond Financial Capability?
Louise Overton & Lorna Fox O’Mahony