TOC: J Brand Man


Journal of Brand Management, 25(5)

Luxury Brand-Building

Luxury brand-building and development: new global challenges, new business models
Michel Gutsatz & Klaus Heine

Is luxury expensive?
Michel Gutsatz & Klaus Heine

The impact of increased brand penetration on luxury desirability: a dual effect
Jean-Noël M. Kapferer & Pierre Valette-Florence

Cross-gender extension potential of luxury brands: a semiotic analysis
Nathalie Veg-Sala & Elyette Roux

Visual communication of luxury fashion brands on social media: effects of visual complexity and brand familiarity
Jung Eun Lee, Songyee Hur & Brandi Watkins

Coopetition in the French luxury industry: five cases of brand-building by suppliers of luxury brands
Colette Depeyre, Emmanuelle Rigaud & Fabien Seraidarian

Personality-driven luxury brand management
Klaus Heine, Glyn Atwal, Sandrine Crener-Ricard & Michel Phan