TOC: J Behavioral Dec Making


Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 31(4)

Salience Versus Proportional Reasoning: Rethinking the Mechanism Behind Graphical Display Effects
Eric R. Stone, Emily C. Reeder, Jonathan Parillo, Cynthia Long, LeeAnn Walb

Integrating Fast and Frugal Heuristics with a Model of Memory-based Cue Generation
Ashley Lawrence, Rick P. Thomas, Michael R. Dougherty

Detection and Selection Decisions with Conditional Feedback: Interaction of Task Uncertainty and Base Rate
Robert James Holzworth, Thomas R. Stewart, Jeryl L. Mumpower

A Measure of Delay Discounting Within the Academic Domain
Rebecca A. Olsen, Anne C. Macaskill, Maree J. Hunt

The Effect of Experience on Context-dependent Decisions
Eyal Ert, Tomás Lejarraga

Comparing What to What, on What Scale? The Impact of Item Comparisons and Reference Points in Communicating Risk and Uncertainty
Tim Rakow, Emily Blackshaw, Christina Pagel, David S. Spiegelhalter

The Advantage of Democratic Peer Punishment in Sustaining Cooperation within Groups
Stefan Pfattheicher, Robert Böhm, Rebekka Kesberg

Understanding ‘Unlikely (20% Likelihood)’ or ‘20% Likelihood (Unlikely)’ Outcomes: The Robustness of the Extremity Effect
Sarah C. Jenkins, Adam J.L. Harris, R.M. Lark

Distinguishing the Ratio Bias from Unsystematic Error: Situation and Individual-difference Effects
Eric R. Stone, Andrew M. Parker, Lauren D. Townsend