TOC: Consumption Markets Cult


Consumption Markets and Culture, 21(5)

Liquid retail: cultural perspectives on marketplace transformation
Ronan de Kervenoael, Domen Bajde & Alexandre Schwob [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Retail formations: tracing the fluid forms of an online retailer
Johan Hagberg & Christian Fuentes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Going liquid: French food retail industry experiencing an interregnum
Maud Herbert, Isabelle Robert & Florent Saucède [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Representing the political consumer: liquid agencies in the production of consumer voice
Ingrid Stigzelius [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Finola Kerrigan [Publisher] [Google Scholar] Book Reviews

Visionary pragmatism: radical and ecological democracy in neoliberal times
James Fitchett [Publisher]

Consumer culture, branding and identity in the New Russia: from five-year plan to 4×4
Yuliya Strizhakova [Publisher]