TOC: Mar Intell Planning


Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 36(7)

India’s lonely and isolated consumers shopping for an in-store social experience
Brent Smith, Cindy B. Rippé, and Alan J. Dubinsky

Socio-influences of user generated content in emerging markets
Harish Kumar, Manoj Kumar Singh, and M.P. Gupta

Paradox and market renewal
Joel Hietanen, Pekka Mattila, Antti Sihvonen, and Henrikki Tikkanen

The impact of strategic CSR marketing communications on customer engagement
Rojanasak Chomvilailuk and Ken Butcher

Consumer attitudes towards bloggers and paid blog advertisements: what’s new?
Patrick van Esch, Denni Arli, Jenny Castner, Nabanita Talukdar, and Gavin Northey

Consumer perceptions of counterfeit clothing and apparel products attributes
Moin Ahmad Moon, Batish Javaid, Maira Kiran, Hayat Muhammad Awan, and Amna Farooq

How does greenwashing affect green branding equity and purchase intention? An empirical research
Ulun Akturan