TOC: Entertainment Sci


Entertainment Science, Book by Thorsten Hennig-Thurau and Mark B. Houston

Entertainment Science: Data Analytics and Practical Theory for Movies, Games, Books, and Music, by Thorsten Hennig-Thurau and Mark B. Houston

Chapter 1: Forget the “Nobody-Knows-Anything” Mantra: It’s Time for Entertainment Science!

Part I: Products, Markets, & Consumers—The Business and Economics of Entertainment

Chapter 2: The Fundamentals of Entertainment
Chapter 3: Why Entertainment Products are Unique: Key Characteristics
Chapter 4: Why Entertainment Markets Are Unique: Key Characteristics
Chapter 5: Creating Value, Making Money: Essential Business Models for Entertainment Products
Chapter 6: The Consumption Side of Entertainment

Part II: Managing & Marketing Entertainment—What Makes an Entertainment Product a Hit?

Chapter 7: Entertainment Product Decisions, Episode 1: The Quality of the Entertainment Experience
Chapter 8: Entertainment Product Decisions, Episode 2: Search Qualities and Unbranded Signals
Chapter 9: Entertainment Product Decisions, Episode 3: Brands as Quality Signals
Chapter 10: Entertainment Product Decisions, Episode 4: How to Develop New Successful Entertainment Products
Chapter 11: Entertainment Communication Decisions, Episode 1: Paid and Owned Channels
Chapter 12: Entertainment Communication Decisions, Episode 2: “Earned” Channels
Chapter 13: Entertainment Distribution Decisions
Chapter 14: Entertainment Pricing Decisions
Chapter 15: Integrated Entertainment Marketing: Creating Blockbusters and Niche Products by Combining Product, Communication, Distribution, and Pricing Decisions

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