NB-PL 2019


National Brand & Private Label Marketing, Barcelona, 12-14 Jun 2019; Deadline 10 Jan

Conference Title: Research on National Brand & Private Label Marketing – International Conference

Conference Dates and Venue: June 12th-14th, 2019, Barcelona, Spain.

Deadline for paper submission: January 10th, 2019

Conference Chairs: Anne L. Roggeveen (Babson College, USA), Francisco J. Martínez-López (University of Granada, Spain), and Juan Carlos Gázquez-Abad (University of Almería, Spain).

Conference Review Board (alphabetical order): Kusum L. Ailawadi, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth (USA); Nawel Amrouche, Long Island University (USA); Chris Baumann, Macquarie University (Australia); José J. Beristain, University of the Basque Country (Spain); Enrique Bigné, University of Valencia (Spain); James Brown, West Virginia University (USA); Cristina Calvo-Porral, University of La Coruña (Spain); Ioannis E. Chaniotakis, University of the Aegean (Greece); Liwen (Brandon) Chen, City University of Hong Kong (China); Alexander Chernev, Northwestern University (USA); Chan Choi, Rutgers Business School (USA); Gérard Cliquet, Université de Rennes 1 (France); Giuseppe Colangelo, Catholic University of Milan (Italy); Ronald W. Cotterill, University of Connecticut (USA); Barbara Deleersnyder, Tilburg University (Netherlands); John Dawes, University of South Australia (Australia); Els Gijsbrechts, Tilburg University (Netherlands); J. Tomas Gomez-Arias, Saint Mary’s College of California (USA); Oscar González-Benito, University of Salamanca (Spain); Csilla Horváth, Radboud University (The Netherlands); Marco Ieva, University of Parma (Italy); Eugene Jones, The Ohio State University (USA); Robert Paul Jones, The University of Texas at Tyler (USA); Lien Lamey, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium); Elisa Martinelli, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy); Mercedes Martos-Partal, University of Salamanca (Spain); Sebastián Molinillo Jiménez, University of Malaga, Spain; Dirk Morschett, University of Fribourg (Switzerland); Martin Natter, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Magdalena Nenycz-Thiel, University of South Australia (Australia); Nicoletta Occhiocupo, Oxford Brookes University (UK); Michael Pepe, Siena College (USA); William P. Putsis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA); Natalia Rubio-Benito, Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain); Hanna Schramm-Klein, University of Siegen (Germany); Fiona Scott Morton, Yale University (USA); Raj Sethuraman, Southern Methodist University (USA); Randall Shannon, Mahidol University (Thailand); Ian Clark Sinapuelas, San Francisco State University (USA); Jay I. Sinha, Temple University (USA); Yaron Timmor, Arison School of Business (Israel); Rodolfo Vázquez-Casielles, University of Oviedo (Spain); Gianfranco Walsh, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (Germany); María Jesús Yagüe Guillén, Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain); Jie Zhang, University of Maryland (USA); Cristina Ziliani, University of Parma (Italy); Pilar Zorrilla, University of the Basque Country (Spain).

Conference Sponsors: So far, this conference is sponsored by these institutions: Open University of Catalonia; IRI Spain; IMD Business School, and the Spanish Association of Commercial Codification (AECOC).

Conference Publication: Conference papers will be published as a conference proceedings book entitled “Advances in National Brand and Private Label Marketing. Sixth International Conference, 2019” by the prestigious publisher Springer. Conference papers will also be accessible online through Springer’s online platform, for quick and effective dissemination of the conference participant’s research work.

Call for Papers:

Conference’s main topic: Creating personalized connections with consumers

The past decade has witnessed the evolution of the manufacturer–retailer relationship, becoming more collaborative and allowing companies to provide consumers with a shopper-centric approach and improved shopping experiences. Creating unity among the multiple channels, by managing them in a holistic fashion, provides a more integrated, seamless experience for consumers. Accordingly, today’s consumers can search for a product on their mobile devices, order it on their computer using the company’s website, and pick it up in the physical store.

In addition to this changing channel landscape, brands have witnessed a shift in the locus of control over the brand image and message. Historically, brands maintained tight control over their messaging. In today’s socially connected environment, consumers often look for feedback from other shoppers to form brand assessments, whether through product blogs, product reviews, or product ratings. Because they perceive information garnered from these sources as less biased than a company’s communication, it serves as an important cue of product quality.

As the retail landscape continues these rapid evolutions, new considerations come to the fore for brands that seek to create personalized connections with consumers. Brands must capture consumers’ attention and be perceived as relevant. Providing relevant content, at an appropriate time, reflecting the established relationship the consumer has with a brand, can help foster both engagement and trust. It creates an intimacy between the brand and the consumer that injects their relationship with authenticity and relevance. To maintain authenticity, the brand story then must be consistent and strategic throughout every interaction between the customer and the brand.

Furthermore, brands need to leverage technology and data to create new business models centered on consumers’ personal experiences. The days of requiring a retail storefront to sell products are gone. Instead, the smartphone and Instagram provide the virtual storefront windows for many brands. E-commerce giants even are pushing into private-label brand offerings. To create personalized, tailored connections to consumers in real-time, brands need comprehensive customer information that is both accessible and actionable. Such information can be gathered from multiple avenues, including company-specific databases or social listening. However, companies must be cognizant of the trade-offs inherent to creating a personalized customer experience while protecting customers’ privacy.

Creating targeted information for individuals at a specific point in time also is increasingly possible through artificial intelligence tools that can reveal consumer behavior and predict consumer engagement across multiple touchpoints. The contextually relevant marketing that results allows brands to connect with individual consumers in the moment, with personalized, curated content. In addition, augmented reality and additive manufacturing technologies make it possible for consumers to design and produce products. Real-time interaction management technologies can be used to listen and respond to customers in real time.

As companies continue building their brands—whether national brands, established mega-brands, private labels, or newly launched niche brands—they must remain tech-savvy and agile.

In keeping with its established objectives, the conference welcomes papers on topics related to the above, but also to any private label and/or national brand issues in retailing.

In order to submit a paper to the NB-PL 2019 conference you must register as an author at the conference management system at Easychair; click here.

All papers must be formatted according to the conference’s format guidelines and submitted through the conference management system.

Important Dates:

  • Conference Paper Submission date: January 10th 2019
  •  Authors Notification date: February 15th 2019
  •  Accepted Papers camera-ready: March 20th 2019
  •  Conference Dates: June 12th-14th, 2019

For further information and updates, please check the conference’s website: http://www.nb-plmarketing.org/

We really look forward to meeting you in Barcelona and having a great time, sharing ideas and experiences in an amiable gathering.