CCIS-CE 2018


Co-Creation in Service and Customer Engagement, Adelaide Hills Wine Region, Australia, 6-8 Dec 2018; Expression of interest deadline 10 Oct

Co-creation in Service and Customer Engagement (CCIS-CE) Symposium 2018

Thursday 6th – Saturday 8th December 2018
Adelaide Hills Wine Region, Australia

The inaugural symposium was born in 2013 and became CCIS-CE in 2015. It is a SERVSIG affiliated research workshop based event since 2017.

CCIS-CE 2018 Symposium Main Theme

Facilitation in the Engaging World

Continuing the dialogue on co-creation in service, transcending and bridging co-creation and engagement to the micro-foundations of co-creation, this year, we visit the theme, Facilitation in the Engaging World, which is a transcending concept amongst micro, meso and macro level of co-creation (Chen et al. 2018; Grönroos and Ravald 2011; Ramaswamy and Ozcan 2018). For example, facilitation at a micro-level entails converging actors’ diverse motives and efforts to elevate customers’ operant resources (Hollebeek et al. 2016; Temerak et al. 2018). At a meso-level, it entails enablers of interaction amongst actors from social and network perspectives, such as boundary objects (Sajtos et al. 2018). At a macro-level, facilitation is required for ecosystem coordination and co-evolution (Vargo and Lusch 2016; Beirao et al. 2017). We also recognise the importance of facilitation related to customer engagement (e.g. Vivek et al. 2018). Thus, the symposium is open and welcomes to a wide scope of constructs and ideas expanding and improving our understanding of facilitation in co-creation.

CCIS-CE 2018 Initiative

This year, reflecting the main theme on Facilitation, we open our symposium as a platform for up to two existing collaboration groups to advance their research projects. Please contact the co-chairs for details.

Venue and Location

Mt Lofty House

Adelaide Hills Wine Region (15 – 30 minutes from Adelaide CBD)

Important Dates

Express of Interest Due: Wednesday 10 October 2018
Abstract submission: TBA
Registration Closes: Wednesday 31 October 2018
CCIS-CE Symposium Dates: Thursday to Saturday 6 – 8 December 2018

CCIS-CE 2018 Symposium website

Fees & Inclusions

Full Fee 1,200 AUD
Early Bird Fee 1,100 AUD

Including two night accommodations, all meals (including Gala and Celebration Dinners) as well as conference package, social events, and pre-arranged ground (bus) transport between CBD and the event venue


Please include the following information in your email

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Research Interests:
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Online Research Profile (if applicable)

Symposium Co-chairs

Marianna Sigala, School of Management, University of South Australia, SA, Australia

Tom Chen, Newcastle Business School, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia,


CCIS-CE Mission

Each year we invite participants worldwide to engage in research activities that help generate new interests and to advance our understanding of co-creation and customer engagement. The CCIS-CE symposium will continue to fulfil its mission by fostering dialogue on co-creation and engagement for theorising and advancing our understanding of service-dominant marketing and market practices.

Further, research on co-creation and engagement has grown enormously in terms of its audience and applied areas, such as health, technology, etc. During the next decade, CCIS-CE will continue to foster thought leadership, and develop the symposium into a premier platform “Building Impact with Research in Co-creation and Engagement”, and will cater to the initiation of research collaborations for either research papers or grants.

Building Impact with Research in Co-creation and Engagement

In pursuit of academic excellence, research institutions around the world, including Australia and New Zealand, are encouraging their staff to increase the impact of their work and to gain funding grants from external providers. By bringing together professors with international reputations and driven academics with expertise in the thematic field, CCIS-CE aims to/ will provide a premier platform to enable the coming together of strong collaborations capable of making successful grant applications, and publishing high-quality journals to ensure both participants and their institutions can benefit from this important conference.

CCIS-CE Experience

The symposium aims to bring together leading scholars to discuss emerging research in the fields of Co-creation and Customer Engagement in a highly intimate, productive environment. In addition to presentations, the symposium will be comprised of roundtable discussions and workshop sessions to facilitate dialogue and collaborations around the symposium main theme of each year.