TOC: Psych Rev


Psychological Review, 125(4)

Automatic control: How experts act without thinking.
Logan, Gordon D.

Chunking as a rational strategy for lossy data compression in visual working memory.
Nassar, Matthew R.; Helmers, Julie C.; Frank, Michael J.

Multialternative decision by sampling: A model of decision making constrained by process data.
Noguchi, Takao; Stewart, Neil

The emergence of polychronization and feature binding in a spiking neural network model of the primate ventral visual system.
Eguchi, Akihiro; Isbister, James B.; Ahmad, Nasir; Stringer, Simon

Hilbert space multidimensional theory.
Busemeyer, Jerome R.; Wang, Zheng

Refining the law of practice.
Evans, Nathan J.; Brown, Scott D.; Mewhort, Douglas J. K.; Heathcote, Andrew

Don’t blame the model: Reconsidering the network approach to psychopathology.
Bringmann, Laura F.; Eronen, Markus I.