TOC: J Con Res


Journal of Consumer Research, 45(3)

Seeing Stars: How the Binary Bias Distorts the Interpretation of Customer Ratings
Matthew Fisher; George E Newman; Ravi Dhar

When Moderation Fosters Persuasion: The Persuasive Power of Deviatory Reviews
Daniella Kupor; Zakary Tormala

The Effect of Social Density on Word of Mouth
Irene Consiglio; Matteo De Angelis; Michele Costabile

Humor, Comedy, and Consumer Behavior
Caleb Warren; Adam Barsky; A Peter Mcgraw

Beyond Acculturation: Multiculturalism and the Institutional Shaping of an Ethnic Consumer Subject
Ela Veresiu; Markus Giesler

Theorizing Reactive Reflexivity: Lifestyle Displacement and Discordant Performances of Taste
Craig J Thompson; Paul C Henry; Fleura Bardhi

Word of Mouth versus Word of Mouse: Speaking about a Brand Connects You to It More Than Writing Does
Hao Shen; Jaideep Sengupta

How Cognitive Style Influences the Mental Accounting System: Role of Analytic versus Holistic Thinking
Mehdi Tanzeeb Hossain

Why Are You Swiping Right? The Impact of Product Orientation on Swiping Responses
Anneleen Van Kerckhove; Mario Pandelaere

Humanizing Products with Handwritten Typefaces
Roland Schroll; Benedikt Schnurr; Dhruv Grewal

The Mere Urgency Effect
Meng Zhu; Yang Yang; Christopher K Hsee