TOC: Dec Sciences


Decision Sciences, 49(4)

Observation versus Perception in the Conceptualization and Measurement of Participation Equality in Computer-Mediated Communication
Roberto J. Mejias, Bruce A. Reinig, Alan R. Dennis, Scott B. MacKenzie

The Impact of Control and Complexity on Supply Network Performance: An Empirically Informed Investigation Using NK Simulation Analysis
Ilaria Giannoccaro, Anand Nair, Thomas Choi

Supplier Innovation Strategy and Performance: A Matter of Supply Chain Market Positioning
Alan W. Mackelprang, Ednilson Bernardes, Gerard J. Burke, Chris Welter

Customer Differentiation with Shipping as an Ancillary Service? Free Service, Prioritization, and Strategic Delay
Arvind Sainathan

Contract Design in Processing Trade
Paolo Letizia

Wholesale Price Auctions for Dual Sourcing under Supply Risk
He Huang, Zhipeng Li, Hongyan Xu