Revisit: Measurement in Sales Research


Special issue of Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management; deadline now 1 Oct 2018

Call for Papers: Special Issue in 2019



Guest Co-Editors:

Dr. Zachary Hall, Texas Christian University (USA)
Dr. Nick Lee, Warwick Business School (UK)

The goal of the special issue of JPSSM on “Measurement in Sales Research” is to give a forum both for outstanding cutting-edge empirical and theoretical research on measurement in selling and sales management, and also for excellent empirical investigations of existing or new sales-relevant measures. To this end, the editors encourage the submission of a number of different types of papers:

  1. Papers that present original contributions to measurement theory and practice in the area of selling and sales management research. These papers may use theoretical analysis, empirical data, numerical methods (e.g. simulation-based), or any other type of method. Papers may present new-to-the-world knowledge, or new-to-sales knowledge. However, in the latter case, authors must pay particular attention to how the use of the technique will significantly advance research in sales.
  2. Review papers which summarize the varying approaches to key sales constructs, such as leadership styles, customer orientation, and the like. Papers such as this may be meta analyses, systematic reviews, or narrative reviews.
  3. Papers where authors present either the development of new sales-relevant measures, or the analysis of existing sales measures. Papers which attempt the latter must of course provide some new insight from this analysis of existing measures, which is likely to be of importance to sales research.

Authors are particularly encouraged to consider submitting shorter ‘research note’ style papers on any topic of relevance, with particular attention paid to length to contribution ratio.

Authors are encouraged to contact one of the special issue co-editors if they are unsure of the applicability of their topic to the issue.


The EXTENDED due date for submission of manuscripts is OCTOBER 1, 2018. Submitted manuscripts must follow JPSSM Guidelines for Authors (see Only original papers not currently under review or published elsewhere may be submitted.