TOC: J Service Man


Journal of Service Management, 29(4)

Shaping service ecosystems: exploring the dark side of agency
Cristina Mele, Suvi Nenonen, Jaqueline Pels, Kaj Storbacka, Angeline Nariswari, and Valtteri Kaartemo

A systemic logic for platform business models
Julia A. Fehrer, Herbert Woratschek, and Roderick J. Brodie

Game-changers: dynamic capabilities’ influence on service ecosystems
Suvi Nenonen, Johanna Gummerus, and Alexey Sklyar

Institutional types and institutional change in healthcare ecosystems
Oana Maria Pop, Sara Leroi-Werelds, Nadine Roijakkers, and Tor W. Andreassen

Boundary objects for institutional work across service ecosystems
Laszlo Sajtos, Michael Kleinaltenkamp, and Julie Harrison

Co-creating services—conceptual clarification, forms and outcomes
Anna-Sophie Oertzen, Gaby Odekerken-Schröder, Saara A. Brax, and Birgit Mager

Assessing the effects of multichannel service provider corporate reputation on customer new product adoption and RFM value
Gianfranco Walsh, Mario Schaarschmidt, and Stefan Ivens

Flow revisited: process conceptualization and a novel application to service contexts
Jan Drengner, Steffen Jahn, and Pia Furchheim

How price fairness and fit affect customer tariff evaluations
Philipp Leinsle, Dirk Totzek, and Jan Hendrik Schumann

Service-dominant (S-D) logic, service ecosystems and institutions: bridging theory and practice
Irene C.L. Ng and Stephen L. Vargo