Revisit: CIMaR 2018


Consortium for International Marketing Research, Atlanta, 12-15 Sep 2018



Hosted by Georgia State University

September 12-15, 2018

Atlanta, GA


Conference Program                                    Location: GSU Buckhead Campus


Wednesday, September 12


5:00pm                      Registration Opens                                                  Outside Rm 802


6:00-8:00pm            Opening Reception and Welcome Remarks        Room 802/803

                                    S. Tamer Cavusgil, Fuller E. Callaway Professorial Chair,                                                     Executive Director CIBER, CIMaR Co-Founder, Georgia State                                             University

            Farrah Bernardino, Managing Director, GSU-CIBER

            Daekwan Kim, CIMaR 2018 Chair, Florida State University

            Ilke Kardes, CIMaR 2018 Co-chair, Valdosta State University


Thursday, September 13


8:00-8:30am            Morning Coffee                                                        12th floor lounge


8:30am-4:00pm      Registration                                                              Outside 12th floor                                                                                                                            lounge


8:30am                      Welcome Remarks & Introduction of Keynote   Room 1203

                                    Richard D. Phillips, Dean, Robinson College of Business


8:45-10:00am          Plenary Session                                                        Room 1203

Keynote: Ahmet Bozer, Former President – International, The Coca-Cola Co. (ret.)  


10:00-10:30am        Coffee Break                                                             12 floor lounge




10:30am-12:00pm   Parallel Sessions A                         


Parallel Session A1                                                                                 Room 1215

Track: Branding

Session Chair: Ilke Kardes, Valdosta State University


Can marketing mix standardization enhance brand equity? A triadic look at international brands

Aysegül Özsomer, Koç University; Müge Güzel, Koç University; Burcu Sezen, Özyegin University


How do advertising and distribution exposure create brand value? Differences for domestic and foreign brands in China

Martin Heinberg, University of Leeds; H. Erkan Ozkaya, California State Polytechnic University, Markus Taube, University of Duisburg-Essen & Nankai University


The role of global social identity in the social media content strategy of a global brand

Mikayla Meehan, Hongzhi Gao, both Victoria University of Wellington


Does use of culture-specific social cues in brand elements & marketing help to influence consumer purchase intention?

Kubilay Ozkan, Georgia State University


Parallel Session A2                                                                                 Room 1216

Track: Consumer Behavior

Session Chair: Linda Hui Shi, University of Victoria


Effects of the global convergence of consumer spending on market concentration and firms’ market shares

Ayse Ozturk, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

              * Finalist for S. Tamer Cavusgil Best Paper Award


Perceptions of personal risk in tourists’ destination choices: nature tours in Mexico

Gregory E. Osland, Robert Mackoy, Marleen McCormick, all Butler University  


Online consumer reviewing across international borders

Wolfgang Messner, University of South Carolina


Online review helpfulness in a multinational context

Sevincgul Ulu, Omer Cem Kutlubay, Serdar Yayla, Sengun Yeniyurt, all of Rutgers University


12:00-1:30pm           Lunch                                                 12th floor Lounge





1:30-3:00pm             Parallel Sessions B


Parallel Session B1                                                                     Room 1215

Track: Entrepreneurship

Session Chair: Bryan Jean, National Chengchi University, Taiwan


Motivating entrepreneurial activity: Do human capital and corruption matter?

Charles (Chuck) Bryant, Florida Institute of Technology; Rajshekhar (Raj) G. Javalgi, Cleveland State University


The role of dynamic capability in international entrepreneurial opportunity recognition: Discovery, creation, and serendipity

Linda Hui Shi, Wade Danis, both University of Victoria

The effects of entrepreneurial innovation and institutional support on export performance: Evidence from emerging market firms

Jing Song, Southwest Jiaotong University; Linda Hui Shi, University of Victoria; Jianping Li, Southwest Petroleum University; Yinghong (Susan) Wei, TX A&M International University


Entrepreneurial internationalization in renewable energy industry; the effect of firms’ resources, networks, business models, and commercialization 

Meysam Zolfaghari, EAE Business School



Parallel Session B2                                                                     Room 1216

Track: Emerging Markets

Session Chair: Mithat Üner, Atilim University


Internal branding and export performance in emerging markets

Katharina Maria Hofer, Johannes Kepler University Linz


MNEs’ dominant logic and responsiveness in emerging markets

Ulf Elg, Lund University; Pervez Ghauri, Birmingham Business School


Consumption patterns of middle class in an inflation boosted emerging market: An investigation of Turkish consumers

Asude Yasemin Zengin, Aksaray University; Erin Cavusgil, University of Michigan- Flint


Innovations in Retailing in EMs: Case of Turkey

Emin Civi, University of New Brunswick; Elif Persinger, Eastern Michigan University


3:00-3:30pm            Coffee Break                                     12th floor Lounge





3:30-5:00pm            Parallel Sessions C  


Parallel Session C1                                                                     Room 1215

Track: Firm Capabilities

Session Chair: Ayse Akyol, Trakya University


The effect of platform and web capability on SMEs’ export marketing capabilities and performance

Ruey-Jer " Bryan" Jean, National Chengchi University, Taiwan; KyuYeong Choi, Florida State University                 * Finalist for S. Tamer Cavusgil Best Paper Award


Overseas market learning capabilities of emerging market firms: Does foreign equity make a difference?

Yuanyuan Li, Rutgers University

Institutional differences, foreign ownership modes, marketing capabilities and domestic technological catch-up: evidence from India

Ziko Konwar, Leeds University


The influence of exploitation, exploration, and ambidexterity on international small and medium-sized enterprises’ firm performance

Lixun Su, Annie Cui, both West Virginia University; Saeed Samiee, University of Tulsa; Shaoming Zou, University of Missouri



Parallel Session C2                                                                     Room 1216

Track: Measurement

Session Chair: Peter Magnusson, University of Alabama


Scale development of impacts of events: Kirkpinar oil wrestling festival

Pinar Yürük Kayapinar, Namik Kemal University; Ayse Akyol, Trakya University; Gülhayat Gölbasi Simsek, Yildiz Technical University


Measuring industry globality and firm preparedness to internationalize: A strategic framework

Vanessa Pilla Bretas, Renata Fernandes Galhanone, Thelma Valéria Rocha, Frederico Araujo Turolla, all PMDGI – ESPM – SP; Jefferson Ricardo Galetti, UFRJ


Development and Validation of a Consumer Self-Construal Scale in Consumption Settings

Ahmet B. Koksal, LSU (Shreveport); Attila Yaprak, Wayne State University


Self-country connection: Development and validation of a scale

Sergio Garrido Moraes, Vivian Iara Strehlau, Julio César Bastos de Figueiredo, all ESPM – Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing




Friday, September 14

8:00-8:30am            Morning coffee                                                         12th floor lounge


8:30-10:00am          Plenary Session                                                        Room 1203

Keynote: Constantine Katsikeas, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of                    International Marketing, University of Leeds


10:00-10:30am        Coffee Break                                                             12th floor lounge


10:30am-12:00pm   Parallel Sessions D 


Parallel Session D1                                                                                 Room 1215

Track: Global Products and Advertising

Session Chair: Daniel C. Bello, Georgia State University


Assessing the financial value of global product launches

M. Berk Talay, University of Massachusetts Lowell; Janell D. Townsend, Oakland University; Michael Obal, University of Massachusetts Lowell; M. Billur Akdeniz,

University of New Hampshire


The Roles of Product Involvement and Brand Ownership in the Development of Global Brand Attitude and Purchase Behavior

Nayyer Naseem, Northeastern State University; Attila Yaprak, Wayne State University


Incorporating anthropomorphism and metaphors into advertising for the purpose of understanding consumer’s coping processes of alleviating animosity

Peter Magnusson, Hyeyoon Jung, both of University of Alabama


Analysis of advertisement effectiveness on functional, cognitive and genetic

responses of subjects exposed to different advertisement content: Determination of long-term memory markers and memory transcription network mesh

Çagatay Akdogan, Ayse Akyol, Oguzhan Doganlar, Çetin Hakan Karadag, Zeynep Banu, all of Trakya University



Parallel Session D2                                                                                Room 1216

Track: Value Chain

Session Chair: Nizam Aydin, Suffolk University (ret.)


Coping with supplier-related disruptions: the roles of power asymmetry, market volatility, and response strategies

Chun Zhang, University of Vermont


Catch-up innovation in emerging market multinational corporations

Li Chen, Shaoming Zou, both University of Missouri; Hui Xu, Nankai University

How transnational capital shapes business model innovation intended to disrupt

Liesl Riddle, George Washington University; Arnim Decker, Aalborg University; Kweku Nduom, George Washington University; Stephen Lucas, National University of Ireland


Determinants of firms’ intangible resource advantages: An empirical study from Taiwan

Tsui-Yii Shih, National Taipei University of Business


12:00-2:00pm          Lunch                                                            Room 802/803


1:15pm                        Group Photo Will Be Taken


2:00-3:30pm            Parallel Sessions E                                      


Parallel Session E1                                                                     Room 1215

Track: Culture and International Marketing

Session Chair: Myron Miller, Michigan State University (ret.)


The impact of cultural distance on degree of commitment in the movie industry

Omer Cem Kutlubay, Serdar Yayla, Sengun Yeniyurt, Sevincgul Ulu, all of Rutgers University


Exploring effects of dual language labeling: An eye tracking approach

Sabrina Heix, Hartmut Holzmueller, both of TU Dortmund University


Local socio-cultural context and international engagement in the U.S.

Jing Betty Feng, Farmingdale State College (SUNY)


Toward a 7 p-framework for internationalization of firms

Justin Paul, University of Puerto Rico, Erick M. Mas Román, Florida International University, Miami & University of Puerto Rico



Parallel Session E2                                                                     Room 1216

Track: Global Marketing Strategy

Session Chair: Tevfik Dalgic, University of Texas, Dallas


Redefining international marketing by agility-resilience strategy space in disrupted globalization

Hong-Jen C. Chiu, National Taiwan University


The impact of international marketing mix adaptation strategies on export performance: a comparative study of Turkish and non-Turkish companies operating in jewelry sector

Ahmet Karaca, Pamukkale University; Gülhayat Golbasi Simsek, Yildiz Technical University; Ayse Akyol, Trakya University

Sustainability orientation and global perspective

Goksel Yalcinkaya, Ludwig Bstieler, Shuili Du, all of University of New Hampshire


The role of technology level and logistic performance on the relation between logistic service quality and firm performance

Özgür Kayapinar, Fatma Lorcu, both Trakya University


3:30-4:00pm            Coffee Break                                                 12th floor lounge


4:00-5:30pm            Parallel Sessions F


Parallel Session F1                                                                      Room 1215

Track: Internationalization of Firms

Session Chair: Cüneyt Evirgen, Sabanci University


On the internationalization of Turkish hospital chains

Burak Çetin, Gazi University; Mithat Üner, Atilim University; S Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University


The internationalization of Chinese immigrant firms: Emerging taxonomy from the analysis of an Italian case

Simone Guercini, University of Florence; Andrea Runfola, University of Perugia


Licensing in the internationalization of Brazilian firms in the creative industries – A multiple-case study

Maria Luiza C.A. Pinho, Angela da Rocha, Celso Pinho, all Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro


Parallel Session F2                                                                     Room 1216

Track: International Business and the Society

Session Chair: KyuYeong Choi, Florida State University


Degrees of social responsibility in International Business

Noemi Sinkovics, The University of Manchester; Rudolf R. Sinkovics, The University of Manchester/ Lappeenranta University of Technology/ Temple University; Jason Archie–Acheampong, The University of Manchester


Unsolicited justice: Do FCPA prosecutions ameliorate local corruption?

Jian Xu, Emory University


Conspicuous consumption in a sample of emerging markets: An integrated review and propositions

Elena Poliakova, Georgia State University


Foreign market entry mode and entrepreneurial internationalization of renewable energy companies

Meysam Zolfaghari, Eduardo Carlos Dittmar, both EAE Business School


6:00pm          Awards Dinner                                                                 Room 802/803

                        Presentation of Service Awards

                        Presentation of S. Tamer Cavusgil Best Paper Award

                        Announcement of Venue and Sponsor for CIMaR 2019



Saturday, September 15


9:00-10:30am          Special Panel Session                                   Rm 1203


Africa in a Globalizing World 

Kofi Q Dadzie, Georgia State University; Jagdish N. Sheth, Emory University;

Mark Peterson, University of Wyoming; Wesley J. Johnston, Georgia State University


10:30-11:00 am        Coffee Break                                                 12th floor lounge


11:00am-1:00pm      Parallel Sessions G


Parallel Session G1                                                                     Room 1215

Track: Market Entry

Session Chair: Chun Zhang, University of Vermont


Single vs. multiple export channels: A transaction cost/game theoretic perspective

Edith Ipsmiller, Desislava Dikova, both WU Vienna


Mapping Licensing in Business and International Business: A Bibliometric Study

Maria Luiza Carvalho de Aguillar Pinho, Angela Maria Cavalcanti da Rocha, Celso Roberto de Aguillar Pinho, all Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro


Are you ready to export? An Export Readiness Assessment model

Francesca Sanguineti, University of Bergamo and University of Pavia


Automotive foreign direct investment in the United States: An updated analysis

Robert Underwood, Furman University


Parallel Session G2                                                                     Room 1216

Track: Consumer Culture

Session Chair: Shaoming Zou, University of Missouri


Consumer animosity and the influence of cultural values: A meta-analysis

Stanford A. Westjohn, Peter Magnusson, Yi Peng, all University of Alabama                                                                                *Finalist for S. Tamer Cavusgil Best Paper Award


Enchanted by the other: Consumer exoticism as a positive disposition toward foreign countries and globalization in international consumer research

Mariana Bussab Porto-da- Rocha, Vivian Iara Strehlau, Ana Puglia Duque-Estrada, all ESPM


A practical framework for positive and negative consumer dispositions toward foreign countries


Mariana Bussab Porto-da- Rocha, Miriam Taís Salomão, Sergio Garrido Moraes, Vivian Iara Strehlau, all ESPM


The effects of acculturation to global consumer culture dimensions on buying behavior: A comparative research on Turkish and U.S. consumers


1:00pm-2:00pm       Boxed lunch                                                  Room 802/803


2:00pm                      Conference adjourns


Ayse Akyol, Trakya University; S. Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University